NCAA Certification – IMPORTANT All teams participating in our NCAA Certified event MUST complete all of the following steps in order to participate. These steps should be completed well in advance of the Hopp Jam Classic:
Step 1 – Coaches Certification
All Coaches must pass a background check completed through the NCAA. Background Check:

All Coaches must complete the Free Online NCAA Eligibility course in conjunction with the background check. Educational Course:

Once these two things are complete the NCAA will issue you an NCAA Approval Number. You must Log in to the Background check website to retrieve this number.

This process must be completed every year.

DO THIS EARLY!!! Waiting to the last minute may prevent you from participating in the event.

Team must have a certified coach to participate in the event.

Step 2 – Rosters
All Teams must enter their Rosters on the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS). NCAA BBCS:

All players must be placed on the roster with accurate information including: Name, Jersey #, Phone #, Address, Email, Height, School, & Graduation Year.

This information is what is provided to the college coach so it is important it be accurate

Coaches are not allowed to enter the same Phone #, Address, and Email for every player. This information must be correct before you are allowed to play.

All team Coaches must be entered onto the roster as well. Coaches must be certified to participate in any coaching activity.

Step 3 – Opt into the Event
In order for the Tournament operator to obtain you rosters and to verify certification each team MUST opt into the Certified Event you are attending.

This is done in the Event Section of you team page on the BBCS.
Important Links for participating coaches:

BBCS Users Manuel –
Certified Event Coaching Manuel –  
NCAA Basketball Certification Main page –
Hoop Jam Classic – Team Check-in:
All Teams MUST check-in prior to the first game. Teams will need the following items at check-in and will need to have access to until the event concludes:
1. Complete and print Team Roster
2. Copy of each player’s Birth Certificates
3. Copy of each player’s Grade Card
4. Copy of a complete pre-printed score sheet listed below (Players Name and jersey number required)
5. Each coach must check in with proper ID
6. Coach’s name and certificate # must be on team roster to receive band
7. Coaching bands are to be worn the entire weekend
8. Teams that fail to check-in will not be allowed to play

If questions, Please call Norman Parker-Georgia Stars Basketball 770-287-2100 or email


Thank You

Norman Parker